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Posted by Chag - July 18th, 2012

So Meme Soldiers 2: Rage Face Invasion is finally up on YouTube and Newgrounds.

Along with that I've set up a Facebook page where I'll be taking a bunch of drawing requests and what not

Next up will be Spyware... After nearly 5 years since the original cartoon I'll be diving back into the realm of Internet and the intense life of war that the average Virus goes through.

If I get a handful of people in response to this who want to know more about this series then I'll post something a little more elaborate

Posted by Chag - April 26th, 2012

Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Crude Metal saw a pilot episode nearly a year ago now and since then I've had very little progress with it. I have a lot of trouble getting excited about that series. So alas it is now on the shelf.

A new cartoon does arise however! And I'm having a lot of fun making it.
It is indeed a sequel to the Nyan Cat Invasion where two soldiers bickered while the pop tart felines flew about in the background.

The series is now being renamed "Meme Soldiers" and will be taking on another race of creatures that have pretty well taken the Internet hostage...

About a month left to go with this one methinks...

Crude Metal Shelved and new cartoons!

Posted by Chag - November 18th, 2011

Good golly it's been over a year since I last made a news post :O

Time to fix this, a lot has happened since then and I've been meaning to post an update for about 6 months now... Shouldn't really matter though, I doubt many people will really be reading this anyway

But on to Flash movie news:

As time goes on all by cartooning seems to have refined itself to 3 main projects:
- Sketchy Stories
- Crude Metal
- Spyware


Sketchy Stories is a really bizarre one. I've always wanted a series that could be made on a fairly quick and consistent basis that didn't really eat too heavily into the production time of other projects. This was originally supposed to be Crude Metal, however as that project continued to grow it became impossible to make full episodes of that and have them be any good.

Sketchy proved to be able to fill this void very nicely. Fun to make and really quick and simple, what's more the one episode that's been released so far ended up being more of a hit than I expected it to, resulting in a week on the front page.

So I'm hoping to make a regular habit out of Sketchy Stories instalments, especially seeing as it's theoretically possible to churn out an entire episode in a single sitting.

They're most likely to appear on YouTube rather than Newgrounds however. Seeing as I don't plan on spamming this place with so much thrown together rubbish... But I suppose I may consider uploading the best episodes, or perhaps compile a bunch into one swf and uploading that. We'll see...


Crude Metal has changed A LOT since the 2 part pilot released earlier in the year. The story has gone through a pretty major overhaul, the animation has improved out of sight rather than relying solely on tween based transitions. And low and behold it should actually be funny now! :O

Hopefully will be able to release the official first episode within the next couple of months or so (things are pretty busy in RL right now) and the new episodes are set to run for about 4 minutes a piece. Rather than the pilots combined time on 13 >_>


Spyware is my biggest piece. Slowly evolving over the past several years. Set to be a series of 5 movies running for about an hour each with a combination of 2D and 3D cell shaded animation.

A project of this proportion has proven to might to just work on in moments of spare time. However everything is still ready to go; The plot is layed out, the script is written, the 3D models are built, the characters are rigged. It would be a mighty shame to let it all go to waste.

So I plan to create a trailer, possibly several trailers to pitch and advertise what Spyware could be. That way something has been made and who knows, if I can get any kind of sponsorship behind it I'd love to be able to set everything aside and work full time on Spyware alone.

Time will tell, it always does.

Posted by Chag - November 1st, 2010

So after several months of procrastinating and several days of continual straight work, Shower Products for Men is finally done, the original comic written by the one Allie Brosh

The film is being featured on her site, which is rather exciting if I do say so myself

Here's hoping my visual and voice contributions were able to add to her already rofling script :3

Hyperbole and a Half

Posted by Chag - March 29th, 2010

All the movies I made back in 2008 finally come together and hit the portal in the first edition of Crazy Jelly Bean.

Every week, animations will continue to be released every Friday, be sure to check them out at www.cjb136.110mb.com

If you have any feedback on the site itself, I'd love to hear about it in the reviews to this news post

Also along with that, a new short is finally up on the other site. Medication! This one has the most frame by frame sequences I've ever attempted... It was quite greuling to attempt to pump this out in a week D:
Good fun though. be sure to check it out at www.cjb136.110mb.com/medication.html

Peace out!

Posted by Chag - March 4th, 2010

So the website has been up for several weeks now. With new content being added each week.

The site itself is a bit... Messy at the moment, however over the coming weeks I plan to clean it up a lot, get it running smoother etc. Hopefully before the first animation bundle set is released here on Newgrounds!

Be sure to check it out: http://www.cjb136.110mb.com


Posted by Chag - October 22nd, 2009

It's true, after almost a full year of inactivity It's time for me to get back into animating and once again become active on newgrounds.

There are many projects waiting in line, let's just hope I get round to creating all of them!

Be aware Portal, for I have returned...

Posted by Chag - October 15th, 2008

Alright Spyware 2 went well past the original theorized completion date and not much progress had been made at the time.

But the project is very far from dead. I meet with a group of friends (all of whom have their own series in the works) and we all throw ideas around for each of our stories. On the Spyware side of things, everything is coming along very well with the story now almost completely solid for movie 2 and a fair basis for the rest of the series. I'll report back when the script is done and recordings about to begin but there should be other short animations coming along shortly =]

Posted by Chag - January 18th, 2008

The story for Spyware 2 is well underway and I very well may start the actual movie sooner than I expected. Along with that I plan to start a series of shorts and release them on a regular basis, possibly as close together as a submission a week. They will be short movies that will usually contain a single joke, think of them like a three frame comic strip.

Posted by Chag - September 1st, 2007

Now that Spyware's finished and school is nearing a close, alot more can be expected from me =D

I'll post an update on my plans and also jazz up my page shortly.